A resource kit for evaluating community IT projects
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The four steps to evaluate your IT project:

step 1   Plan the review
step 2   Involve people
in the review
step 3   Do the review
step4   Review results and
make the changes

Step 1: Plan the Review

Who wants to do the review?
  • Are we community members involved in the IT project?
  • Are we mainly IT trainers?
  • Is the review / evaluation required by an organisation or other source of funds?
  • Are we the people who started or funded the IT project?
  • Are we local business people or community leaders?
  • Are we a mixed group with people from more than one of the groups above?
What IT project(s) are we reviewing?
Why are we doing the review / evaluation?
  • Do we want to find out if the project is meeting its aims and goals?
  • Do we want to improve our website (e.g., its design or content or involvement of community members in maintaining the website)?
  • Do we want to improve an Internet training course (e.g., its structure, content, approach, suitability, access by a wider range of groups)?
  • Do we want to find out what changes our IT project has made to our community?
  • Do we want to improve the way we work together on our IT project?
  • Do we want to ensure that resources such as Internet access are available to anyone in the community, and meet their different needs?
  • Do we want to make sure our project continues when funding ends or key people leave town?
  • Do we want to seek more funds for the next stage of the project?
What risks could be involved in doing this review?
  • Will this review cause any problems that we’ve not considered (e.g., unforseen costs in terms of time, energy and resources, unexpected harm to anyone or any group)?
  • How can we avoid such problems?
  • Who can help us understand the risks?
  • Are there any ethical issues that we need to consider? (e.g. keeping the names of people involved in the review confidential)

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