A resource kit for evaluating community IT projects
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The four steps to evaluate your IT project:

step 1   Plan the review
step 2   Involve people
in the review
step 3   Do the review
step4   Review results and
make the changes

Step 3: Do the review

What are the goals of our IT project?
  • What are the aims and goals of our project?
  • What benefits do we hope the project will provide to us and to community members?
  • Is the project doing this in a way that’s democratic, inclusive and sustainable?
  • Is the project aiming to increase local leadership, employment, lifelong learning, access to services and information etc.?
  • What is the project planning to use IT for? (e.g. to communicate more effectively? to increase people’s skills in using IT? to improve cooperation between community groups?)
How are we trying to achieve our goals?
  • What have we been doing to meet these goals?
  • Have we been incorporating new ideas and information from the community and elsewhere into how we’ve designed, conducted, and promoted the project?
  • Have we improved access to and use of IT facilities in the community?
  • Have we designed the IT project in ways that meet a diversity of community needs?
How well are we reaching our goals and how do we know?
  • What’s working well and not working so well with our IT project?
  • To what extent is the IT project meeting the needs of various groups in the community for training, support, information, communication etc.?
  • Have we held focus groups or interviews with a range of relevant people to find this out?
  • Have we asked community members to fill in feedback forms at IT training courses, community venues and events or on websites?
  • Have we obtained information about the number of different people taking part in our project (in terms of gender, age, occupation, cultural background, home location etc.)?
  • Is the information we’ve gathered useful to help identify strengths and weaknesses of the project so that we can make improvements?
How could we do our project better?
  • What can we do to improve community IT awareness, access, skills and resources?
  • How can we more effectively use local IT resources to develop this community?
  • What changes can we make to improve the project in ways that better meet community needs and goals?
  • What actions should be taken based on our review findings?

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