A resource kit for evaluating community IT projects
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The four steps to evaluate your IT project:

step 1   Plan the review
step 2   Involve people
in the review
step 3   Do the review
step4   Review results and
make the changes

Step 4: Review results and make the changes

Have we reviewed our evaluation results and method?
  • Do our results make sense?
  • Did we receive feedback from a range of relevant community groups?
  • Did the review achieve its aims and objectives?
  • Did we find ways of improving the IT project?
  • How well did we manage any problems resulting from the review?
  • How could we have improved the methods we used in the review?
  • Who could help improve our future reviews?
How will we let others know the results of our review?
  • What are the benefits of letting people know the results of our review?
  • Who needs to know about the results of our review?
  • How will we let the community and the review participants know about our results?
  • What communication methods are best for various groups (radio, talks at community meetings, newsletters, website or email notices)?
What do people think about the review results?
  • What do community members and groups involved in the IT project think of the results?
  • What do the leaders or champions of the IT project think?
  • What do other community leaders think?
  • What does the sponsoring or funding organisation think?
How will we make the changes that are needed?
  • What actions and changes should we give priority to?
  • Who can make decisions about the changes we’ve recommended?
  • Who can provide funding or resources to enable changes in the project to be made?
  • What information do they need to make decisions about providing this funding or resources?
  • Who will do what, where and by when?

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