A resource kit for evaluating community IT projects
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The four steps to evaluate your IT project:

step 1   Plan the review
step 2   Involve people
in the review
step 3   Do the review
step4   Review results and
make the changes

Step 4: Review results and make the changes

Have we reviewed our evaluation results and method?
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How will we let others know the results of our review?
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What do people think about the review results?
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How will we make the changes that are needed?
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Once you have completed the four EvaluateIT steps keep in mind that things may – and usually do – change. So it is a good idea to review how well your IT project is doing from time to time. Each time you should go through the cycle: planning the review, involving others in the review, reviewing how well the project is meeting its goals, letting people know the results of the review, and making any changes that need to be made.